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About the Song: I Walk the Line

This song, that Johnny Cash wrote to his first wife, was one that I felt could be a “Twisted Cover” - a song everyone knows that can be taken in a different direction. Slow it down, change the key from major to minor - that seemed to bring another personality to the narrator – rather than affirming his love and devotion, he seems desperate about it. Like it may not be so solid after all. That re-invention feels satisfying. It reveals some “dark inside the light…”

Chuck McDermott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Marco Giovino: Drums Richard Gates: Bass ​

Kevin Barry: Electric Guitar Lyle Brewer: Electric Guitar Solo

"A stunningly reworked cover of Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line" is like hearing the song for the first time. Chuck uses a great cast of musicians throughout and this album is a welcome breath of fresh air for listeners who crave lasting quality above fickle trends". –Steve Morse– longtime Boston Globe Music Critic

Professor of Rock History at Berklee College of Music


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