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About The Song: You Always Do That To Me – Sometimes

This song was born from a marriage between a lick and a line. As a guitarist, I often just bang around on the dang thing until a lick or a chord progression or something emerges that I think could be the germ of a song. I record those into my phone. As a songwriter, certain phrases may pop into my head, or I pick up a thread of a conversation that yields a phrase or a word paring that I find interesting. Those too go on to a list in my phone.

And when it's time for me to get to work, I refer back to both those resources. In the case of this song, I knew I wanted to use the raunchy guitar line as the basis of a tune. And I loved the line "you always do that to me... sometimes" for its Yogi-Berra-esque humor. But I see a profundity in it too. To me, few things are absolutely black or white, light or dark. So yeah, there are things that we "always do", at least sometimes.

Chris Rival: Electric Guitar - Photo Ron Pownall

In the studio, the band laid down a truly muscular track (catch Richard Gates' bass playing). The McCrary Sisters again contributed their gospel righteousness on vocals, and the guest star of the show was slide guitar-wizard Luther Dickenson of the North Mississippi Allstars. He turned in a sassy track that makes the whole song drip with attitude. Watch and listen to a trailer here. The song and video come out on March 5th.

Duke Levine: Electric Guitar - Photo: Ron Pownall

Marco Giovino's Recording Studio: DagoTown - Photo: Ron Pownall

Chuck McDermott: Vocals

Marco Giovino: Drums

Richard Gates: Bass

Duke Levine: Electric Guitar

Chris Rival: Electric Guitar

Luther Dickinson: Slide Guitar

The McCrary Sisters: Vocals


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