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About the Song: Belvedere

Belvedere is an ode to loneliness, to love lost. The topic is not new by any means– so I attempted to convey that sense of loss in a non-literal way. Rather than tell the story of how and why the road turned wrong, I threw out images - a tear-stained cheek, laughter thrown among the stones, memories looking for a home - to conjure a mood of loneliness. It leaves the protagonist simply "standing here, outside Belvedere".

Chuck McDermott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Marco Giovino: Drums

Richard Gates: Bass

Kevin Barry: Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel

Lyle Brewer: Electric Guitar

Duke Levine: Electric Guitar Solo

Listen to Belvedere on Spotify

"People sometimes ask me, "What are some of your favorite records that you've played on?" My answer is along with Robert Plant, Buddy Miller, and Norah Jones, I also list Chuck's Gin & Rosewater. It’s an album of very honest, great songs from top to bottom".

Marco Giovino– Drummer & Producer

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