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The Making Of 38 Degrees and Raining: Marco, Marco, Marco

My musical collaboration with Marco Giovino began with the sessions for my 2017 record, “Gin & Rosewater”. I had been a fan of Marco’s from his work with Buddy Miller, Robert Plant’s Band of Joy, Norah Jones and others.

Marco has a distinctive drumming style that is very textural and rhythmic. He uses all manner of shakers, chains and contraptions that he values for their unique timber and sonic contribution.

He’s as hilarious as he is talented which is no doubt a contributor to his success. In addition to his session and live performance work, Marco has become an increasingly in demand producer. Though originally from Massachusetts, he has worked and lived all over the country including a decade plus in Nashville. While his musical influences are very broad, he leans heavily on the flavors from Memphis, Muscle Shoals, New Orleans – the music of the south. He moved back to Massachusetts a few years ago, making him available to Yankee transplants like me.

Marco’s musical impact on G&R was immense. And as we started to book shows to promote the record’s release, Marco and other great players on the sessions agreed to perform with me. Gigs kept coming in and the guys kept saying “yes” to my invites so over time we became a band.

For the last 3+ years, we’ve been playing together – leaning heavily on the songs from G&R and other originals of mine (new and old) and some beloved cover tunes. Our live shows have a higher energy level and a more improvisational feel than on most of my recorded work – a musical terrain where Marco and I found much common ground.

Early last year I began to think about a new record and in turning to Marco to produce it, I was leaning on someone who knew the various sides of me as a musician and songwriter. We had also become solid friends, which added even more glue.

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Amazing songs, amazing sounds, amazing singing. What more could ya hope for!

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