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The Pandemic, The Legendary McCrary Sisters, and Grilled Cheese/Side of Grapes

I knew that during his Nashville days my producer, Marco Giovino had worked with the legendary gospel group, The McCrary Sisters. They are icons in the gospel music world, and sister Regina had recorded and toured with Bob Dylan for many years. I really heard them adding their magic to a few of our tracks so Marco called Regina, and the Sisters were game. I consider their presence on 38 Degrees and Raining to be an honor.

The pandemic proved a bit of a challenge but the Sisters were comfortable working together in a small studio in Nashville run by engineer and respected guitarist Doug Lancio. I would have gladly jumped on a plane and gone down there for the session, but we settled for me Facetiming the session from home. It was a masterclass watching them craft their arrangements and digital technology allowed me to chime in from time to time with what (very) few comments I had.

So here I am, working with legendary musicians 1,117 miles away, on the phone, eating my lunch. These are strange and miraculous times.

The sisters working out their harmony parts in real time.

Even the McCrarys forget lyrics...

The Sisters bringing their magic

It's pretty surreal to see the McCrary Sisters swaying to your music. (grilled cheese crusts and grapes at minute 0.26)


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