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The 2017 release of “Gin & Rosewater” was McDermott's first record in 30 years and features the work of exceptional players, including music legend Stephen Stills. 14 tracks including covers of I Walk the Line, Irresistible Targets, and Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. 


  • "Chuck McDermott's a man. He sings like a man. His sentiments and vocabulary are adult. There's no postured "folkie-Okie, see-how-sensitive-I-am" horse shit here. He's a a golden-throated singer with a tight band and his eyes wide open. He's read good writers and learned from them and lived a lot and thought about it. Some of these Gin & Rosewater songs sneak up on you like an assassin who has lulled you to sleep---The Girl From St. Lucy, Irresistible Targets. He and his words are a breath of fresh air. Not a hint of whining. A Man! Clear-eyed, fearless and tender. I've been playing his album for days".

                                    Peter Coyote– Author, Actor, Director and Zen Priest


1. Belvedere 

2. A Thousand Cuts 

3. The Girl From St. Lucy 

4. Irresistible Targets 

5. Gin and Rosewater 

6. Red Betty 

7. James Foley Diaries 

8. Hold Back The Water  

9. Everything 

10. Downtown Bus 

11. I Walk the Line 

12. Tryin’ To Keep The Wheels On The Road 

13. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood 

14. People Are Weak - feat. Stephen Stills 

Gin & Rosewater CD + Lyric Booklet [2017]

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