A CD of the 2017 release of “Gin & Rosewater”, McDermott's first record in 30 years. It features the work of exceptional players, including music legend Stephen Stills. 14 tracks including covers of I Walk the Line, Irresistible Targets, and Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. 


  • "Chuck McDermott's a man. He sings like a man. His sentiments and vocabulary are adult. There's no postured "folkie-Okie, see-how-sensitive-I-am" horse shit here. He's a a golden-throated singer with a tight band and his eyes wide open. He's read good writers and learned from them and lived a lot and thought about it. Some of these Gin & Rosewater songs sneak up on you like an assassin who has lulled you to sleep---The Girl From St. Lucy, Irresistible Targets. He and his words are a breath of fresh air. Not a hint of whining. A Man! Clear-eyed, fearless and tender. I've been playing his album for days".

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                                    Peter Coyote– Author, Actor, Director and Zen Priest


1. Belvedere (3:02)

2. A Thousand Cuts (3:16)

3. The Girl From St. Lucy (5:18)

4. Irresistible Targets (4:46)

5. Gin and Rosewater (4:22)

6. Red Betty (2:56)

7. James Foley Diaries (4:14)

8. Hold Back The Water  (5:16)

9. Everything (5:30)

10. Downtown Bus (4:11)

11. I Walk the Line (5:48)

12. Tryin’ To Keep The Wheels On The Road (3:47)

13. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (4:13)

14. People Are Weak - feat. Stephen Stills (3:55)

Gin & Rosewater CD

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