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Chuck Talks About

This is the narrator talking to himself. The litany of things he “doesn’t need” is split between things he may truly not need and things he doesn’t want to need. He doesn’t want to need a boat, or a drink, or rubies or buckets of silver. He doesn’t want to be a slave to the affirmation of others, or to win every argument. The song covers the desires for the physical – money, possessions – as well as the emotional – affirmation, praise, religious salvation. It ends with an ode to his lover and the completeness of a committed relationship.

Chuck McDermott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 

Marco Giovino: Drums 

Richard Gates: Bass 

Kevin Barry: Electric Guitar

Joe “Sonny” Barbato: Accordion

Deni Hlavinka: Harmony Vocals

"People sometimes ask me, "What are some of your favorite records that you've played on?" My answer is along with Robert Plant, Buddy Miller, and Norah Jones, I also list Chuck's Gin & Rosewater. It’s an album of very honest, great songs from top to bottom".

Marco Giovino– Drummer & Producer 


"As befits a Yale dropout, McDermott makes music with an edge of educated subtlety". Robert Christgau– The Village Voice

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