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Dreamers Lullaby

Chuck McDermott has crafted a wide variety of music in his career, but he reaches a whole other level with this nobly ambitious effort. It was conceived during the pandemic and often feels like a soothing hymn to rise above it.

– Steve Morse

Former Staff Music Critic, Boston Globe 28 years

Rock History Teacher, Berklee College of Music

Chuck McDermott: Vocals

Marco Giovino: Drums

Marty Ballou: Upright Bass

Duke Levine: Electric Guitar

Chris Rival: Electric Guitar

Joe "Sonny" Barbato: Accordion

Mimi Rabson: Stroh Violin

LYRICS: Dreamers Lullaby


There’s a light so much brighter than the morning light I see

Fills the night burns the mountains

And it drinks the drunken sea

Oh it melts the sand clutched in my hands

It sears the devil’s eye

Oh baby, hear the dreamer’s lullaby


Just suppose nothing mattered and the world was ours to find

Just suppose I came from nowhere and the past was left behind

Say that dawn should break and we’d awake

To see each other’s eyes

Oh baby, that’s the dreamer’s lullaby


I can wait, I can write, I can stare into the night

I can wrap this soul uptight for you


Just suppose I was everything your heart had ever dreamed

Just suppose I really figured in your plans your little schemes

Say that wrong was right, and late tonight

We’d kiss these blues goodbye

Oh baby, sing the dreamer’s lullaby

Oh baby, sing the dreamer’s lullaby

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