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This record began with an organizing principle: to create an album that tells a story through songs. It’s about a guy who's tried to be a good man, has had his ups and downs, is heading into his last few laps in life, and is trying to do that with some dignity, humor, and peace. By the time we wrapped this album up, I really liked this guy


In the words of our album's hero:"The years go by and your kids turn into the same ruffians that we were, but their “toys” are different! I try, but it’s just plain hard to keep up with them sometimes."


My kids never learned to drive stick shift
We raised ‘em with a silver spoon
With their laptop Macs in their camo backpacks
And a diet of Korean cartoons
Tuning into tik tok
Texting with the lights off
Firing up the Minecraft
Begging for the keys back
To fire up the RAV 4
Rolling out the front door
To this whole new world
I worry a lot if the things I got
From my daddy still make any sense
When the road to fame is your video game 
When your Twitter is your best defense
Every day’s a new scene
Did you get the vaccine
Should I buy the bitcoin
Running with the big boys
Or is it just a brain drain
Choking the supply chain
In this whole new world
Oh…. is it even relevant – the donkey or the elephant?
Should I hop on the bus with Elon Musk
Or buy me an electric Ford 
Is space the prize we should colonize
Or is that something that we best ignore
Richard Branson, still ruggedly handsome
But should he be my guru
Or does he have a screw loose
I try to be with it
But I’m missin’ my stick shift  in this whole new world
In this whole new world

The Players

Chuck McDermott

Lorne Entress

John Deaderick

Ron Eoff

Marco Giovino          

Doug Lancio  

Russ Pahl


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar


Piano, Organ, Accordion

Upright Bass


Electric Guitars

Pedal Steel, Electric Guitars

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