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This record began with an organizing principle: to create an album that tells a story through songs. It’s about a guy who's tried to be a good man, has had his ups and downs, is heading into his last few laps in life, and is trying to do that with some dignity, humor, and peace. By the time we wrapped this album up, I really liked this guy

Road Tested

In the words of our "hero": 

I thought I might as well introduce myself. I’m young at heart but older than I used to be. I’ve had my ups and downs and I try hard to savor the good times. I love a good song, a good time, my kids, and the spark in my life, Miss Trudie. And I believe there’s a story in there somewhere.

The Players

Chuck McDermott

John Deaderick

Ron Eoff

Marco Giovino          

Doug Lancio  

Russ Pahl


Big Al Anderson       

Jim Lauderdale                

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Piano, Organ, Accordion

Upright Bass,  Electric Bass


Electric Guitars

Pedal Steel, Electric Guitars, Jaw Harp

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar



I may be long in the tooth and a little bit worse for wear

I’ve lost some tread on the tires and I'm slower getting up the stairs

But my singing in the shower sounds like Wilson Pickett

If I ain't Buddy Holly I'm a damn good Cricket

I hold my own, I hold my own

I walk this world with the people I believe in

The golden rule is enough religion for me


You got a thousand good stories and I'm sure some of them are true

Like the night you met Trudie and the Casa de Rendez-Vous

She was like your first martini

She came on slow and then she hit ya ooh wee

She knocked you right to your knees

She said "Boy you ain't leavin'"

You said "Honey, you got me believin'

That I am just one lucky guy"


I said I'm road tested, I've run this car around the track

I'm road tested, and you won't catch me lookin' back

Sure I've had three wives and five little children

That cost a pretty penny but I ain't complainin'

My my, I'm just a lucky guy

We built our own little shack at the end of recreation road
It’s got an in-ground pool and a fully-featured outdoor stove
Trudie tends to the taters in the garden
I got a ride-on mower and I beg your pardon
To me, that feels like victory
We keep our eyes on the prize and our home fires burnin’
Trudy’s still boppin’ and I’m still yearnin’, ooh wee
How freakin’ lucky are we?

We’re road tested, rollin’ with the ups and downs
Road tested, we’re rockin’ til we’re glory bound
We hold hands and we wander in the moonlight
I keep her laughin’ and she keeps me upright
Oooh wee…. oooh wee….

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