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biden/harris – this is the big one. let's do this together

I come from a political family. My father knew Senator Jack Kennedy and during that 1960 campaign, we kids strapped Kennedy posters to our dog and held signs outside the polling place at the nearby junior high. When Kennedy won, we moved to Washington from Iowa as Dad took a job in the White House. So by 5th grade I could pretty much name all the cabinet members. It was just in the air. Years later, I spent a dozen years in DC, first as a Hill Staffer and then as an environmental advocate. So every presidential election is been akin to a Super Bowl in my household. Every 4 years, I get pretty into it.


This will be my 15th presidential election as I count forward from 1960, my 13th since I've been able to vote. Over that time, many elections have been described as "the election of a lifetime". I'll say this without equivocation - this is the election of my lifetime! It's hard to say this without seeming to exaggerate, but we have a binary choice this time. Our current disaster of a president will unapologetically tear down any American institution that stands in the way of his graft and narcissism. It's equally shocking to witness the willingness of those around him to enable, excuse, and condone his criminality. He's has done severe damage to the strength of our governing system and confidence our people have it in. If he gets four more years, that damage - at least parts of it - may be irreversible.


Joe Biden is a good man. He's a healer. He's got the experience to do the job at which our current president has failed. Kamala Harris is an ideal complement to Biden on this ticket and together they are a team we can be proud of. I won't do a laundry list of their policy agenda priorities but I can report that support for the arts ranks high on the Biden/Harris list. And this isn't some new-found passion for either of them. You can read about it here. [By contrast, Trump's only known "support for the arts" was to steal money from his charity to buy a portrait of himself to hang at Mar-A-Lago...]


I am a proud member of the Biden Arts Policy Committee which has made me aware of a number of ways in which Biden/Harris supporters can get involved in these closing days of the campaign. I strongly encourage you to take a look and pick an activity or two - phone banking, text outreach, poll working, anything - to help ensure that every potential Biden/Harris supporter gets their vote in and counted. 



Volunteer in variety of ways to get out the vote:


Download digital graphics to use in your own social media posts:


Post this inspiring video on your social media:  


Complete the census:


Make a voting plan:


Become a poll worker:


Make phone calls to voters:


New to phone banking? Take this training to learn all you need to know to be an effective caller:


Join the 2020Victory National Text Team:

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