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Chuck Talks About

Belvedere is an ode to loneliness, to love lost. The topic is not new by any means– so I attempted to convey that sense of loss in a non-literal way. Rather than tell the story of how and why the road turned wrong, I threw out images - a tear-stained cheek, laughter thrown among the stones, memories looking for a home - to conjure a mood of loneliness. It leaves the protagonist simply "standing here, outside Belvedere".

Chuck McDermott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 

Marco Giovino: Drums 

Richard Gates: Bass 

Kevin Barry: Electric Guitar, Pedal Steel 

Lyle Brewer: Electric Guitar 

Duke Levine: Electric Guitar Solo  

"People sometimes ask me, "What are some of your favorite records that you've played on?" My answer is along with Robert Plant, Buddy Miller, and Norah Jones, I also list Chuck's Gin & Rosewater. It’s an album of very honest, great songs from top to bottom".

Marco Giovino– Drummer & Producer 


"What a refreshing work! A true old school musician. Seriously. Check this out. Songs. By a person that sings with character. A pleasure to have made a contribution."

Stephen Stills


"As befits a Yale dropout, McDermott makes music with an edge of educated subtlety". Robert Christgau– The Village Voice

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