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38 Degrees and Raining

Chuck McDermott has crafted a wide variety of music in his career, but he reaches a whole other level with this nobly ambitious effort. It was conceived during the pandemic and often feels like a soothing hymn to rise above it. It's a plea for wisdom, tolerance and endurance in original songs such as the haunting "38 Degrees and Raining." 

– Steve Morse

Former Staff Music Critic, Boston Globe 28 years

Rock History Teacher, Berklee College of Music

Marco Giovino: Drums

Richard Gates: Bass

Peter Hoffman: Electric Guitar

Tony Savarino: Electric Guitar, 12 string guitar

Hayley Thompson King: Vocals

LYRICS: 38 Degrees and Raining


38 degrees and rainin’ from an angry sky

38 degrees and rainin’ and I cannot deny

That it wearies my soul

It wearies my soul


38 degrees and rainin’ and my heart has turned blue

38 degrees and rainin’ and I worry about you

I can hear you cry

I can hear you cry


I don’t mind the drivin’ snow a hot summer day over Ohio

Lightning strikes on the banks of the Ponchetrain

But something about that cold cold rain

Turns my strong into weak again

Leaves me strapped like a ball to chain alone


38 degrees and rainin’ you can smell how it feels

All good liars borrow but the great ones steal

See the great one roam

Now we watch him roam


But there’s a line that’s plain to me between liberty and a felony

Every man’s gotta walk that line alone

Where’s the power of honesty when it’s been robbed of its dignity

Call the children, have them come back home


I’d be on a chair and shoutin’ like an auctioneer

If I thought any man or deity could actually hear

Hear me moan

Hear me moan


But I’ll walk out, I’ll face the sky, I’ll curse the clouds as they thunder by

They can’t dim the fire of this family home

One day soon the skies will part, the light will warm every weary heart

Call the children, have them come back home


38 degrees and rainin’

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