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Chuck Talks About
A Thousand Cuts

This song is the second track on my record, Gin & Rosewater.

It’s an exploration of all the ways we can inflict – or feel –emotional pain.

Some of it may be caused by cruelty, some by misunderstanding or thoughtlessness, and some is completely unintentional. It’s all in the head or the heart of the person who feels wronged. The interesting thing is how often and easily it happens. And for many, the cumulative effect of feeling wronged – or of being constantly accused of inflicting wrong – becomes overwhelming. It feels like dying from a thousand cuts.

Chuck McDermott: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar 

Marco Giovino: Drums 

Richard Gates: Bass 

Kevin Barry: Electric Guitar 

Duke Levine: Electric Guitar, Mandola 

Lorne Entress: Harmony Vocals 

Dave Limina: Hammond organ

"Chuck McDermott's new album reflects a mature, open-hearted comeback by one of the more fascinating, under-the-radar singer of his generation. Chuck uses a great cast of musicians throughout and this album is a welcome breath of fresh air for listeners who crave lasting quality above fickle trends".


Steve Morse– longtime Boston Globe Music Critic;

Professor of Rock History at Berklee College of Music

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